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Since 2009 Attic Developments Ltd. has kept it’s promise to their valued clients by successfully maintaining the standards, quality and the timely hand over of the projects 'INS A-ALLAH”.


Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those prospective clients who will make their wise investment in Attic Developments Ltd. projects and hope that they will be well rewarded.


Man is a social being. So, to maintain his status he always looks for comfortable shelter. With a view to this social value he arranges all of his necessary things.

At present " Housing is well recognized sector throughout the whole world and it plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. It brings the heavy fruit for all classes of people both for poorest and the richest. Taking it as the prime concern we have started the ATTIC.

The promise of ATTIC Developments Ltd.' is " We Design Your Desirable Dreams" for our people. Our only vision is to provide a congenial and beautiful project in order to live in a sound and healthy environment. Firstly we aim at particular  views by proper plan to materialize it and through these our prime concern is to create full faith of the customers.

ATTIC not only timely handover the apartment, but also maintain highest construction Quality.


Board of Directors:


Engr. Md. Abu Daud Molla


Director (Project Operation)

S.M. Aminur Rahman